(Un)belonging Drawing Installation

In Sabina Haque's drawing installation
(Un)belonging, Haque navigates the cycles of inclusion and exclusion experienced by members new to a community. Included in this exhibit are suspended life-size ink drawings of silhouetted bodies and borderland landscapes on layered transparencies. Haque invites viewers to move between these drawings - to experience the liminal space between borders, between being known and unknown, seen and unseen, belonging and not belonging. In her landscapes, Haque depicts the mountains of Kashmir disrupted by lines of control at the Pakistan/India border and the Sonoran Desert at the US/Mexican border.

Haque’s writes "I picked these two borders - the Sonoran Desert in Arizona/Mexico and Kashmir on the border between India and Pakistan - because my own lived experience intersects with these geographies. My ten-year-old father crossed the border between India and Pakistan in 1947, along with 15 million people in the world's largest migration of the century.”